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Student Help: Quick Start
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  1. You may register two ways, and you only need to be registered once.
    • First, you may register yourself by clicking the Register link on the home page of NoteStar.
      • Enter your first name, last name, username, password, password confirmation, and zip code.
      • Note: To protect your privacy, you may NOT use your real name as the username. You may use combinations of initials of your first and last names (ie. carriej, cjones, or crj) or nicknames. Accounts with real names as the username will be DELETED and all information erased.
      • Once you are finished inputting your information, click the Continue button.
      • Later you will need to give this information to your teacher if your teacher assigns you a NoteStar project.
    • Second, your teacher may register you, and give you the information so that you can login.
  2. If you are already registered, go to the home page of NoteStar and enter your username and password in the Student Login form and click the Go button.
  3. Install the NoteCards Button on your machine if your teacher hasn't already done so. Clicking the NoteCards button will bring up the NoteCards tool where you take notes. See below for further details on NoteStar's NoteCards tool.
    (Click here for Setup Instructions)
  4. Use the Project Manager to do some of the initial set up for your project. If you are assigned a project by your teacher we recommend you view your assignment, then create topics and sub-topics. If you are using NoteStar without a teacher, you will not need to view your assignment.
    Things you can do under the Project Manager are:
    • View assignment.
    • Create/update topics.
    • Update existing notes.
    • Re-order topics, sub-topics, or notes.
    • View notes and bibliography.
    • Communicate with your teacher.

  5. Use a search engine to locate material on your topic. When you locate a site with information you want to capture, click on your NoteCards button.
    Note: For online sources, only click the NoteCards button when you are on a page that you will be using as a source. When you are finished taking notes from that souce, close the NoteCards window. This will prevent incorrect citation.

    Using the NoteCards Tool:
    • Login and select your class and project.
    • Choose the appropriate topic/subtopic and type of resource (i.e. Internet, book, magazine, journal, newspaper).
    • Complete the citation by typing in missing information when possible.
    • Specify what type of note it is.
    • Click the Create Note button.
    • If you have trouble, read the help section thoroughly.
    • The note is added to your project and to the bibliography. You can view and edit all your notes in the Project Manager at NoteStar.

  6. Go to the Message Center if you want to contact your teacher or respond to your teacher's feedback.
    (Click here for details)



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