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Student Help: Message Center

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Overview of the Message Center   (Back to Top ... )
The Message Center allows you to contact your instructor. You may also view and respond to feedback from your instructor.

This page provides the following options:


Viewing Received Messages   (Back to Top ... )

To view your messages, go to the Message Center. At the Message Center you will notice that each class has its own Inbox and Sent links. Click on the Inbox of the class whose messages you would like to view. Click on either the subject of the message or the name of the instructor who sent it in order to view the entire email.

This is an image of the message summary in the message center.  There are three example classes listed. Each class has its own inbox and sent box.

If you wish to reply to this message, click the Reply link at the top of the email.

Replying to Messages   (Back to Top ... )

Follow these steps to reply to a message:
  • Enter the subject of your response in the Subject field. This field will automatically be filled with "RE: Previous Topic".

  • Enter your message in the text area labeled Message.

  • Click the Send link at the top of the page.

This is an image of the reply message. The Send button is selected.

Veiwing Sent Messages   (Back to Top ... )

To view messages that you have sent in the past, click on either the Sent link on the Message Center page or the View Sent if you are already viewing messages in your inbox.

Deleting Messages   (Back to Top ... )

Whether you are looking at your inbox or sent items, you may delete the message by clicking the box in front of the email listings so that a checkmark appears. Once you have checked all the emails that you no longer wish to keep, click the Delete link.

This is an image of the received messages  box.  It has one email in it with a checkmark in front of it and the Delete link is selected.

Sending a Message   (Back to Top ... )

You may only send messages to your instructor, not to other students. To send a message to your instructor, go to the Inbox of the class, and click the Compose link.




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