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Teacher Help: Registration
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Teacher Resigtration

How do I begin the registration process?    (Back to Top ... )

Before teachers can begin using the NoteStar tool, they are required to fill out a registration form to establish their personal account.
To get to the Teacher Registration page, you may click on one of two links:

This is an image of the Login box on the home page.  There is a Teacher Email field and Password field that are both blank.  The Go button is to the right of the fields.  There is also a Forgot password link and a Register link below that.  The Register link is selected.

Step 1: Entering your personal information.    (Back to Top ... )


Step 2: Choose to register classes, or quit now.    (Back to Top ... )


Step 3: Create a new class.    (Back to Top ... )

Step 4: Adding students to the class roster.    (Back to Top ... )

Step 5: Teacher registration complete, or is it?    (Back to Top ... )


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