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NoteStar Overview
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NoteStar is an Internet utility to assist in the preparation of research papers.
Designed for 4th through 12th grade students, NoteStar assists in taking notes from online and hardcopy sources.
Using the NoteStar NoteCards tool, students can take notes from online sources as they browse the Internet. Source information (i.e. title, url,etc.) is automatically captured in order to assist in work citation. They may also use the NoteCards to add notes and bibliographical information from hardcopy sources. Once their notes are gathered, students may then organize their notes to suit their project's goals.
NoteStar benefits teachers as well. Once the teacher has assigned a NoteStar project to their students, they can return at any time to monitor their student's progress. Based on a student or group's progress, the teacher may provide feedback.
What can Teachers do with NoteStar?
  • Create and assign projects.
  • Check sources for authenticity.
  • Track each group's progress.
  • Send messages to students.
  • Help students organize their notes.
  • Easily manage projects.

What can Students do with NoteStar?
  • Create projects with topics and sub-topics.
  • Assign topics to group members.
  • Take notes on Web sites, books, magazines, journals, and newspapers.
  • Easily track source information.
  • Send messages to teachers.
  • Organize notes and sources to create printable notes and bibliography.



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