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NoteCard Button Setup
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      NoteCard Setup Tutorial Movie

Step 1: Preparing your Browser

    Personal Toolbar:
  1. Make sure your Personal Toolbar is showing. If it isn't showing, go to the View menu, select the Show sub-menu and click on Personal Toolbar.
  2. If your Personal Toolbar appears as a thin line, you can expand it by clicking on the little arrow on the left side of the toolbar.
  3. To remove any unwanted buttons already in your Personal Toolbar:
    • Hit Ctrl +B to open your Edit Bookmarks window
    • Open the Personal Toolbar Folder (note: if your Personal Toolbar is empty this folder will not appear)
    • Right click (on Macs, click and hold the mouse button) on the unwanted button icon and select Delete Bookmark from the pop-up menu.
Step 2: Drag and Drop the NoteCard Link
  1. Place your mouse pointer on the NoteCards link above.
  2. Press down the left mouse button (on Macs, press the mouse button) and hold.
  3. Drag to the Personal Toolbar.
  4. Release the mouse to place the button in your toolbar (it will appear as a button).

Congratulations, you have just completed the installation of the NoteStar button!

Note: We strongly encourage Mac users to use Internet Explorer for NoteStar and the NoteCards tool. Certain operations will not perform properly on Netscape for Macs.


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